Spice up your life pt. 2

Just in case I didn’t convince you the first time, here’s a monograph with extended research highlighting the health benefits of Hawaii’s own chili pepper, nioi.  Chili peppers are full of antioxidants, and can help with things like weight loss, nerve pain and difficulty swallowing.

Monograph Assignment


Meet my friend Ricky, a Rickets Survivor


Hi everyone, my name is Ricky and if you don’t know I have Rickets.  I just want to thank you all for coming out to my Rickets Charity Benefit.   Having Rickets isn’t easy, and I’m not so good at talking about it… so I wrote a song instead.  Enjoy!

When I was just a baby

Mom could only afford to breast feed me

She couldn’t eat real healthy, even for me…

And in my body bones were growing

Without the minerals they’d need

They grew out bent and squishy, a deformity

Vitamin D, Deficiency

Made my arms and legs curvy

And now I look real scary, with crumbly teeth

I have another friend with Rickets

And she looks just like me

Her family’s from a foreign, country

Their culture shuns the sunlight

And so they covered up her whole body

No sunlight stimulating vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency

Made our arms and legs curvy

And now we look real scary with crumbly teeth

Vitamin D, Vitamin D

Helps absorb minerals we need

Our bones can grow real brittle, just ask me

And when the night is cloudy

There is still a light that shines on me

Doctors say that treatment can work on me

Supplements of Calcium, Phosphorous, and Vitamin D

Braces for my arms and legs, and surgery

Vitamin D, Vitamin D

Helps absorb minerals we need

Or bones can grow real brittle, just ask me

Vitamin D, deficiency

Caused rickets in my body

Help me fix my Rickets and donate money… please

Rickets song


Itadakimasu 808 Cooking Classes

Itadakimasu translates to thank you for this gift of food.  I feel like it’s a beautiful statement that shows gratitude for people who cooked the meal, the people who grew the food and the lives of the plants and animals that we eat.  808 is the area code for Hawaii, the place I intend to start my cooking classes.

I have a confession to make.  I grew up in a house where my mom did all the cooking, or we ate out.  I always had this fear of knives and cutting myself and it wasn’t until recently that I started to learn how to cook from classes I took at school.  It’s amazing how being able to cook opens up so many options when it comes to eating healthy food on a budget.  I want to empower families to be able to have fun cooking healthy meals together and slowly pick up some healthy habits along the way.  Also, after working with growing gardens a non-profit organization in Portland, I know that being able to grow your own food can definitely help people who can’t afford fresh vegetables all the time.  So on the first day of class besides cooking, everyone will be planting seeds for herbs or vegetables to grow at home as well as good intentions for a healthier, happier family!

Here is a sneak peak of my 12 week lesson plan and 2 handouts I will be giving my students:

  1.  Family Time
  2. Nutrition 101- Macronutrients
  3. Preparing yourself to eat
  4. Fermented foods
  5. Healthy Snacks
  6. Label reading/shopping
  7. Spices
  8. Balancing the 5 flavors
  9. Hydration
  10. Traditional Diets around the world
  11. Local, seasonal and Fresh foods
  12. Potluck and Review

We will also be cooking a meal together, practicing basic cooking skills that corresponds with the lesson of the day.


Picky Eating

It hurts my heart when I see kids refusing to try delicious healthy vegetables cooked with love.  The following is a handout I created after researching what parents can do to encourage their children to try to eat new healthy things.  I eventually want to make a cooking class to help encourage families to cook and eat healthy meals together, but until that dream becomes a reality here’s a handout filled with hope.

Picky eaters


Osteoporosis is a big problem in Hawaii, especially since Asian women are at risk for developing this silent disease.

Follow my link to see how to protect yourself and your family from brittle breakable bones.  Click on the chart to see how much nutrients your bones need.  Below is a sneak peak of what you’ll see, but with an active chart.

Bone Health


Spice up your life!

Did you know that the herbs and spices that we have stored in our cupboards can actually be full of antioxidants and other healing benefits?  Feel free to check out this infograph I made about herbs and spices and start designing your new spice rack today!